The Remedial Education And Counseling Help Program, Inc. offers small group and individual tutoring to children in grades 1-12. Tutoring is offered in math, reading, written language and study skills.
The program is no longer offering tutoring at these centers. To set up private tutoring, call 443-802-3036 or 443-388-8564.
Second Presbyterian Church                    St. Luke Church
4200 St. Paul Street                                  7001 Harford Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21218                       Baltimore, Maryland 21234
Contact:                                                     Contact:
Mary Carol Lidinsky 410-467-9247           Susan Ferger 443-388-8564

Remedial Program

Instruction is given in basic skills on which weaknesses are noted on the diagnostic testing. Assistance is also given on homework and test preparation skills. Whenever possible, skills taught are applied to the curriculum of the child's school.

Intensive Program

This program is designed for the young child who is just beginning to develop reading and math skills or for the student who is experiencing a serious delay in the development of basic skills. Students with attention deficit disorder who benefit from one-on-one instruction rather than small group are also recommended for this program. Students receive one hour of private tutoring rather than a two-hour class.

Enrichment Program

Students who are functioning above grade level receive instruction focused on the development of the higher levels of comprehension, writing and study skills. Classes are usually held two or three days per week during the summer or once a week during the school year.

SAT Preparation

High school students receive instruction in the verbal and math skills needed to be successful on the SAT. Practice tests are administered and test-taking strategies are discussed. It is recommended that the student have completed one year of algebra and one year of geometry before enrolling in this program.